Over 90% of FAME costs (use real number) go directly to improving healthcare for Tanzanians via salaries for staff, medical supplies and more. We focus on health care and have kept administrative costs low to just 1% of total expenditures.

Donate now and contribute directly to health care in Tanzania.


FAME Costs (2016)

Simplify chart. Goal: show money goes almost directly to support hospital, not administrative or foundation costs

How to Donate


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Make a one time donation via check. Please make checks out to:

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Where do donations go?

FAME has various projects to advance health care in Tanzania, including (link to content from other parts of the website:

For extensive detail about upcoming projects, see our 2016 annual report.

Thank you

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FAME started nearly 10 years ago. Donors have always played a vital role in enabling us to meet the medical needs of an entire community. We are deeply grateful for your enduring support.

Thank you!