Raise funds and awareness

FAME Medical Income 2016

Note from Julie: the goal of this page is to be the template for future individual (for volunteer alumni) Kindful donation pages. Keep in mind: users/visitors need to understand 1) why fundraising is important. Use stats if possible. 2) examples of how funds are used - see charts. 3) how they can help - with examples.

Also consider using short headings like below to break down content for readers.

Sustainable Healthcare

Our goal is to advance sustainable healthcare in rural Africa. Patient Fees provide revenues and help with ongoing costs, the largest cohort of which is salary and benefits in Tanzania.

Expanding Coverage through Investments

As FAME expands its program, for example with maternity health programs, introduction of radiology and surgery programs, we need donors to support these long-term initiatives and investments, for example:

  • Maternity Ward Construction
    Scheduled to be completed in Month 2018, this new building will offer 24 beds for new and expecting mothers and their children. Every day, X women die from childbirth complications...
  • New Radiology Program
    with an X-ray machine, CT scanner, and ultrasound machine. Before we can treat, we need to be able to diagnose problems.
  • and more FAME projects →

Interested in fundraising for FAME? Contact Name (email@fameafrica.org) for more information about getting started.

Raise awareness and funds through sports events

Organize or host a fundraiser

Fundraising Examples

Bring people you know together and introduce them to FAME’s work in rural Tanzania.

Individuals and small groups of friends stepped up once again to graciously host events across the US. They played a key role in raising public awareness about our work in Tanzania and the enormous role individuals on the other side of the globe can play in saving and changing lives. 

  • Form a committee and host a BIG event in your area
  • Hand pick potential supporters and host an intimate cocktail party or brunch
  • Host a fundraising event during Frank and Susan's annual spring fundraising trip (contact Susan Gustafson at susan@fameafrica.org for more information)
  • Turn a special occasion, like a birthday party, into an opportunity to raise money for FAME.
  • Run a marathon or climb a mountain
  • Speak at your church
  • Start a social media campaign 
  • Make a donation in honor of someone you care about

The possibilities are endless! Get others involved in advancing patient-centered care in rural Tanzania!