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Medical Volunteers

Our goal at FAME is to advance sustainable healthcare in Africa. On a daily basis, volunteers will help treat patients. Volunteers treat patients and make a difference in lives everyday. Volunteers are also expected to teach, sharing their experiences and expertise with local doctors, enabling them to treat patients after the volunteers leave. This is the sustainable health care model that survives even after volunteers leave Tanzania (new paragraph).

Ideal Candidates

However, working in medicine in rural Tanzania isn’t for everyone. While education, experience, and expertise are very important in this environment, equally invaluable are certain attitudes and characteristics.

Our most successful volunteers have been those who bring with them

  • a very open and curious mind,
  • a flexible attitude,
  • a learner’s spirit,
  • patience,
  • an ability to say, “I don’t know,”
  • a willingness to rely on clinical skills and instincts when a definitive test isn’t available, and
  • a genuine desire to cultivate relationships with our doctors, nurses and support staff. 

While we welcome doctors from all specialties, we need physicians who are willing and able to do primary care.

Volunteer Duration

While we welcome short-term volunteers (i.e. 3 weeks), those who can stay 1 month or more are ideal. 

volunteer in Tanzania

Specialties We Currently Need:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Hospital Management (experience in small facilities and developing countries a plus)

Volunteer from abroad

You can volunteer your time from where you are.  We currently have a number of medical specialists who consult with Dr. Frank and our medical team, using telemedicine via email.  With very few medical specialists in the country, your knowledge is invaluable. 

Together with our physicians on the ground, you can save lives and help hundreds of people get well. 

For more information on how you can help in this way, email info@fameafrica.org.

Julie Note: I changed past tense in this text to present tense, which suggests more active participation. And I shorted a few sentences. 


Non-medical volunteers

We are not currently seeking non-medical volunteers, but if you have a specific idea for how your skills could support our mission feel free to get in touch with our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@fameafrica.org.