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Inpatient Hospital


Our expansion from outpatient clinic to hospital in 2012 represents a huge milestone in our evolving vision and reflects our commitment to “growing” a medical facility that becomes an integral and vital part of the community and region — a medical service that provides comprehensive primary care and is dynamic and responsive to patient needs.

The FAME hospital has a 14-bed inpatient ward, a 9-bed maternity ward, two delivery rooms, an emergency room, night clinic, two operating rooms, and a recovery room. Upon opening the first ward and transitioning to 24/7 care in late 2012, we quickly learned that patients far sicker than we ever imagined would arrive at our new hospital — individuals who would be cared for in Intensive Care Units in other parts of the world.


That being the reality, our doctors and nurses found themselves treating the familiar and the rare, the straightforward and more complex — everything from severe pneumonia and gastrointestinal infections to complications stemming from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rare skin infections, and neurological anomalies. In 2018, we had 1,045 patients admitted to our general ward. As our surgical program expands, our inpatient ward has become a space for these patients to recover.

Supporting our local team, volunteer medical professionals from overseas medical communities have become an increasingly integral part of our program sharing their expertise in specialty areas both on site and via an online "telemedicine" consultation program.

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in 2018,

1,045 patients admitted to the general ward