With the rollout of Labor and Delivery services in September of 2014, we opened our second 12-bed ward. We are committed to reducing maternal mortality rates in our catchment area and providing pregnant women with a safe and compassionate birthing experience. Well-equipped and appropriately staffed medical facilities in rural Tanzania are few and far between, particularly those prepared for obstetrical emergencies. While still in the very early stages of providing comprehensive prenatal care and L&D services, we look forward to providing a safe and compassionate environment for our pregnant patients on their journey into motherhood. Having just completed our first round of ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) training, we are actively equipping our nurses and clinicians with the skills they need to face obstetrical emergencies and building up infrastructure relevant to maternal health. 

FAME delivers its first baby.

At 10:22pm on September 25, 2014, FAME delivered a healthy baby girl at 6lb 8oz (2.95kg). The baby was delivered by an all star team consisting of a senior nurse-midwife, a FAME doctor, a visiting OB/GYN nurse practitioner and a visiting pediatrician. 

Certain things are truly universal: the unadulterated joy in a four months old’s smile, the love that a mother has for her child, and the desire that parents have to ensure their children’s health and well-being.
— Volunteer Dr. Rachel Shnider