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2018 Annual Report

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“The highlight and greatest joy of the year has been watching the Outpatient Clinic move from dream to reality.” These were our words to you back in 2008 when we circulated our very first Annual Report.  Much has changed since the opening of FAME Medical a decade ago. We could not have imagined then where your generosity and support would take us over the next 10 years – how FAME Medical would grow from a small outpatient clinic to a modern hospital with surgical capabilities, a top-tier laboratory and radiology service, and a comprehensive maternal and child health program. 

There is nothing quite like a personal health crisis to deepen one’s appreciation for just how far a team and organization have come. We faced just that in 2018, with both of us experiencing our own medical emergencies and thankfully finding ourselves in the very capable hands of FAME doctors and nurses, lab and radiology techs, volunteer specialists and (in Frank’s case) eventually Nairobi-based infectious disease specialists – all working together to coordinate our care. While the highlight of 2008 was the opening of the Outpatient Clinic, our greatest source of joy a decade later, is without a doubt our all Tanzanian team – those doctors and nurses who exemplify their commitment to patient-centered care and life-long learning and their service to the community every single day in Karatu, Tanzania.  

It is our pleasure to introduce the 2018 Annual Report. In it, we have tried to capture a decade of service at FAME Medical and another exciting and successful year of providing patient-centered care to underserved communities in our district and region.  Sustained progress in any organization requires enormous commitment and investment over time. We are honored to have worked with such deeply committed partners over the last decade, individuals and organizations that have shared our vision for healthier rural communities, where individuals from all walks of life have access to quality medical care and frontline healthcare workers have the resources they need to treat disease and save lives. 

As you read this report, we hope you are inspired to join with us in achieving more great things together AND tackling the challenges we will inevitably face going forward, as we strive to serve our community and beyond.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this report to my Dad, Phillip Gustafson, who passed away on December 17 this year. Compassionate, gentle and kind, he was my greatest teacher, and I miss him. 

With Love & Deepest Gratitude Always,

Susan & Frank



 FAME Medical Turns 10!



1 building

3 Doctors

4 Nurses

1 Lab Tech

5 Exam Rooms

2,511 Patients



7 Buildings

14 Doctors

50 Nurses

13 Lab Staff Members

11 Exam Rooms

26,292 Patients


169,079 patient visits in the Outpatient Clinic in 10 years!


1,045 patients admitted to our general ward this year.

With 14 beds in our General Ward, 2018 was a fulfilling, albeit challenging year. With an uptick in post-op patients and an occasional over-flow from our Labor Ward, our general ward was frequently at capacity this year.


FAME Diagnostics


21,800 visits to the laboratory and 96,400 lab tests completed in 2018

Before the FAME Medical Laboratory opened in May of 2011, we did about 24 simple kinds of tests. In 2018, we Are able to do over 60 different tests


1,736 X-Rays and 145 CT Scans performed in 2018

The only CT machine within a 140 kilometer radius, the District of Karatu and neighboring districts rely on FAME Medical for advanced diagnostic capabilities. 1,736 patients received X-rays this year, a 25% increase over 2017. 145 patients received CT services this year, a 314% increase in patients served over last year.


Our team performed 538 major surgeries this year, a 43% increase over 2017


In 2018, we were able to make considerable progress in expanding our capacity for time-sensitive, general surgical emergencies as well as elective surgeries that can prevent life-long disabilities.


Community Outreach and Education


Cardiology Screening

204 children screened in a local school and children’s home

23 required a follow-up echo

7 were confirmed with rheumatic heart disease and began treatment


Cervical Cancer Screening

5 districts reached

534 women screened for cervical cancer

72 women screened positive

47 thermocautery procedures done

3 LEEP procedures performed

3 healthcare providers from a local dispensary trained


Neurology Clinic

608 neurology patients attended

100 patients seen during the mobile clinic

3 government dispensaries utilized during the mobile clinic

4 villages reached by the mobile clinic


Traditional Birth Attendants

105 Traditional Birth Attendants contacted

7 village meetings

40 TBAs participated in a gathering on campus

37 TBAs interviewed with a qualitative survey about challenges they face

8 villages participated in the surveys


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Anne Ghati    Finished her Assistant Medical Officer Training Program

Dr. Anne Ghati

Finished her Assistant Medical Officer Training Program

William Mhapa    Finishing his Master’s in Health Systems Management

William Mhapa

Finishing his Master’s in Health Systems Management

Hosiana Mollell    Upgrading to a diploma-level Registered Nurse and Midwife

Hosiana Mollell

Upgrading to a diploma-level Registered Nurse and Midwife

Dr. Walli Msuya    Pursuing an OB/GYN residency at the University of Johannesburg

Dr. Walli Msuya

Pursuing an OB/GYN residency at the University of Johannesburg

Yona Samweli    Began his one year Pharmacy Tech Assistant Program

Yona Samweli

Began his one year Pharmacy Tech Assistant Program


Maternal and Child Health Programs


Prenatal Care

there were 934 new enrollees in our prenatal program, a 17% increase over 2017


Family Planning Program

we had 356 new Enrollees in this program in 2018 With the Implant and IUD being the preferred methods of contraception


Under-Five Vaccination Program

in 2018, we had 270 new enrollees in our under-five vaccination program, all born at fame


721 deliveries.


To put into perspective the types of complications our Labor and Delivery team is facing and the critical role other departments (e.g,. lab & surgery), play in saving the lives of our mothers and newborns, 22 women required blood transfusions, 17 women were sent to c-section due to eclampsia, 19 newborns were born prematurely, and 14 sets of twins were safely delivered. 


FAME Financials


Total Revenue $2,749,517

Total Expenses $2,628,490

Donations $2,204,415

Captial Expenses $523,775


A heartfelt thank you!


to the 60 volunteers who came to Karatu to work alongside our Tanzanian staff, to the 334 donors and partners who made our projects possible, and to all our supporters and friends who made 2018 truly amazing, thank you!


Thank you to Robert Essel Photography, Meghan Zimmerman, Emily Close, and FAME staff for the photos in this report.