Help Us save lives in rural tanzania

General donations allow us to put resources where they are needed most:

Mail cash donations to:
FAME, 4553 Crimsonwood Drive, Redding, CA 96001

Contribute stock or explore corporate matching plans. For more information on this option, please contact Jeanne Artress, Secretary/Treasurer at treasurer@fameafrica.org.


Volunteer with us

Volunteers are central to FAME’s Mission. The Volunteer Program at FAME is a rich learning experience for both our Tanzanian Medical Team & our Volunteers. Western trained Doctors, Nurses, & Laboratory Specialists from overseas medical communities work side by side with our Tanzanian medical professionals, sharing knowledge & expertise on behalf of patients. However, working in medicine in rural Tanzania isn’t for everyone. While education, experience, & expertise are very important in this environment, equally invaluable are certain attitudes & characteristics. Our most successful volunteers have been those who bring with them a very open & curious mind, a flexible attitude, a learner’s spirit, patience, an ability to say “I don’t know,” a willingness to rely on clinical skills & instincts when a definitive test isn’t available, & a genuine desire to cultivate relationships with our doctors, nurses, & support staff.  We have a wonderful group of people working at FAME Medical. They have a great deal of knowledge & experience to share with anyone who has not yet faced the unique challenges of working in a developing country. While we welcome doctors from all specialties, we need physicians who are willing & able to do primary care. We also ask our volunteers, doctors & nurses, to come prepared to do some teaching, in their areas of expertise. While we welcome short-term volunteers (i.e. 3 weeks), those who can stay 1 month or more are ideal. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept medical students at this time. We give priority to medical volunteers but occasionally need non-medical volunteers for special projects & needs that arise. For more information about our Volunteer Program, email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@fameafrica.org & request our Volunteer Packet.


Specialties We Currently Need:

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • General Surgery

  • Pediatrics

  • Hospital Management (experience in small facilities & developing countries a plus)

Non-Medical Volunteer Needs:

  • We are not currently seeking non-medical volunteers, but if you have a specific idea for how your skills could support our mission feel free to get in touch with our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@fameafrica.org.

Consult for us from home

If you are not in a position to volunteer your time in Tanzania, you can volunteer your time from right where you are.  We currently have a number of medical specialists who consult with Dr. Frank & our medical team, using telemedicine via email.  With very few medical specialists in the country, our overseas medical consultants have been absolutely invaluable.  Our consultants, together with our physicians on the ground, have saved lives & helped hundreds of people get well.  For more information on how you can help in this way, email info@fameafrica.org.

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Donate through AmazonSmile

A very easy way to help at no cost to you is to use our referral link through Amazon.com. By using "smile.amazon.com" to do your normal shopping on Amazon.com, FAME will receive a 0.5% donation from your purchase through Amazon.com.  Click here for our referral link.


  • Help us fund capital projects, develop our infrastructure or enable us to purchase needed medical equipment in Tanzania

  • Sponsor continuing medical education for our healthcare workers

Email Co-Founder Susan Gustafson at susan@fameafrica.org for more information.

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Bring people you know together and introduce them to FAME’s work in rural Tanzania.

  • Form a committee & host an event in your area

  • Hand pick potential supporters & host an intimate cocktail party or brunch

  • Host a fundraising event during Frank & Susan's annual spring fundraising trip (contact Susan Gustafson at susan@fameafrica.org for more information)

  • Turn a special occasion, like a birthday party, into an opportunity to raise money for FAME.

  • Run a marathon or climb a mountain

  • Speak at your church

  • Start a social media campaign

  • Make a donation in honor of someone you care about

The possibilities are endless! Get others involved in advancing patient-centered care in rural Tanzania!


Coming to visit Tanzania? Help us by bringing a duffel bag of donated medical supplies. Contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@fameafrica.org for specific information on our wish list & storage capacity.