A Day in the Life of FAME Medical: All Those Details

I always forget how many details go along with introducing a new service at FAME. As we prepare for Labor & Delivery, we need more sheets, slip covers, blankets, pillows, curtains for the ward…. Of course, here there is no Target or Costco or Bed, Bath & Beyond so this takes some serious planning. With the help of Nurse Siana and my dear friend Annie Birch, we managed to find the perfect fabric in Arusha. For the sheets, we got pink 100% cotton from Pakistan — a fabric that looks like it will withstand multiple washings and lots of boiling water. For the curtains, a lovely shade of turquoise. Next step? Arranging for Haji, the tailor, to come up to FAME and measure windows, gather up the fabric and begin working his magic on the sewing machine! We’ve got to get these stark rooms warmed up for all the pregnant women about to show up! We want our mamas and babies comfortable.

Ke Zhang