A Day In the Life Of FAME Medical: More Emergency Response in the Bush

Another injured tourist in the ward. This time with a probable broken back. We have been working on coordinating medivac since yesterday afternoon. Ema, a FAME driver, went to the Manyara airstrip to pick up the AMREF Flying Doctors team who brought with them a special transport unit upon which to secure the patient. Upon their arrival here, EVERYONE jumped into action — our doctors and nurses, the AMREF team, even our drivers. Once positioned on the transport unit, the team loaded the patient onto the FAME mobile unit (aka ambulance these days) and began the journey back to the airstrip where the plane was waiting to transport her to Nairobi for xray and further assessment. Here we are in the middle of nowhere, far removed from helicopter rescues and well-equipped ambulances, yet EVERYONE pulled together to help this scared and traumatized traveler get the help she needed. I must say, I am very proud of the FAME team today.

Caroline Epe