A Day In the Life Of FAME Medical: Light in Africa

John’s second day in hospital

I will call him “John”. Reportedly 12 years old, he arrived at FAME weighing only 7.8 kilos. Discovered just days ago by “Mama Lyn”, Co-Founder of “Light in Africa”, an orphanage located three hours east of here, it was obvious that he needed immediate medical attention. Severely malnourished, she loaded him in her vehicle and brought him to FAME for assessment and treatment. He was immediately admitted, and the FAME team began working to save his life. Of course, those of you who know us also know that we are no strangers to “miracles” — a least our definition of miracles:) It just so happened that when this little guy arrived, we had a pediatrician from the U.S. volunteering with us. Keep in mind, we almost never get volunteer pediatricians in this neck of the woods. They seldom can leave their home practices for very long. Dr. Howard was an invaluable resource for our team, supporting and mentoring them in the management of John’s care. Still in the hospital, John has a long way to go. But he also has angels in his life, like Mama Lyn. Our hope is that we will be able to discharge him to his new family before too long. He will undoubtedly have “special needs” but Light in Africa also provides for that. We are also in the process of trying to secure “Plumpy Nut” for John, a nutritional supplement that is actually medicinal and used for cases of severe malnutrition. Unfortunately, the only manufacturer of the product in Tanzania has stopped production for now, hoping to begin again after the first of the year. In the mean time, our Head Nurse is doing her best to source some from our local government pharmacist, where apparently there is an emergency supply for just such cases. Fingers crossed, we will be able to secure enough to send John home with the supply he will need to turn the corner. 

Caroline Epe