When a Team Comes Together....

By FAME Clinician, Dr. Anne Ghati

Sunday mornings at FAME Medical are usually much quieter than other days of the week. But not always. During one of my last night duty rotations, a young pregnant woman arrived very early in the morning, having traveled over rough roads while in full labor. With two of our esteemed nurses at my side, we rushed her into the labour ward hoping for a normal labour and delivery.

In talking with her, it became quickly clear that she had a very complicated obstetrical history, with two previous C-sections, including one during which the baby did not survive. But then she never lost hope.

My heart began to race, as I knew this woman needed an emergency C-section. Just then, while one of our nurses was examining her, the membranes ruptured and there was meconium staining. We had to act very fast. Dr. Mshana was my back up and he arrived quickly, along with Mama Mshana, one of our lead nurses in the Operating Room. With the mobile phone network down in the area, I had to run to get our Anesthetist on call. Because he lives on campus, we were able to race right back.

The nurses were preparing the patient to go to the OR. Dr. Mshana and I scrubbed and the emergency C/S commenced under General Anesthesia. With many adhesions from the two previous C-sections, evidence of a ruptured uterus, and meconium staining, the surgery was complicated. The baby was extracted, but he did not cry and was not breathing. We quickly cut the cord and our Clinical Education Coordinator received the baby and began resuscitation. I believe prayers do wonders so I quickly said one. As we were busy removing the placenta, finally the baby cried! What a nice feeling. Everyone felt happy. The baby's Apgar shot up to 10. He was fine. Two of our nurses took the baby out of the OR and the team finished the surgery. The mother and the baby were saved and we rejoiced.