Meet Nurse Evelyne


By Volunteers Olivia Herrington and Emma Duge

Mama Evelyne was first inspired to pursue nursing when she was in primary school. 62 years later, she continues to work with the same passion that she possessed at such a young age.

She was born in Tanzania’s Kagera Region, a part of the country with a long history of accepting refugees from neighboring nations. Evelyne worked in the region’s refugee camps from 1988 through 1995, serving countless people who had fled extreme violence in the years leading up to, during, and following the genocide in Rwanda and genocidal civil war in Burundi. Her responsibilities as a clinician in the camps were varied, challenging, and rewarding. She recalls the anguish her patients felt, the chaos of an environment in which people’s shared reality revolved around losing all that had grounded them. Evelyne was devoted to their care, which often involved delivering babies—work she continues to this day.

Years later, when visiting her son in Karatu, she discovered FAME. Her extensive clinical background was appealing to the hospital which, at the time, was in need of experienced nurses. The hospital offered her a position on the spot, and she was delighted to accept. She enjoys being challenged by her work here at FAME and has extended her contract so that she can continue working in FAME’s Maternity Ward. Her commitment, wisdom, and masterful expertise are evident in all that she does.

Susan Gustafson