Meet Nurse Salimu


By Volunteers Olivia Herrington & Emma Duge

Salimu has some family members in medicine and knew even before beginning secondary school that he wanted to pursue a career in the field. As he got a bit older, his heart told him that nursing was his calling.

He came to FAME almost fresh out of college, graduating in 2015 and joining FAME’s staff in 2016 as a Registered Nurse. He grew up in Karatu and has been familiar with the hospital for some time. He loves the work environment here, the good equipment and supplies, and the opportunity to be involved in providing advanced medical care.

Salimu works hard in the inpatient ward, giving injections, taking vitals, providing medications, performing catheterizations, and completing a variety of other tasks in the ward to help FAME's most seriously sick and injured. He is glad he chose nursing and particularly enjoys being with patients and doing what he can to decrease their suffering and promote their healing.

Susan Gustafson