Back to School - Meet Hosiana!

Hosiana Mollel.JPG

After working at FAME for two years as an Enrolled Nurse, Hosiana will be leaving us for a year to continue her studies and become a Registered Nurse! She is very excited to travel to Moshi to attend school, but is already missing her home at FAME. With two years experience at FAME under her belt, her favorite thing about working here is how free she feels, in her work and interpersonally. She’s able to connect with administration, voice her opinions, and feel heard. She says the way administration handles their staff makes her feel appreciated and understood. “It feels like home.”

Aside from feeling connected, the culture of learning she’s experienced during her time at FAME has made her really excited to go back to school. She knows she’ll return more advanced after her year of studies and is looking forward to bringing her new skills back to Karatu. She believes she’ll return more capable, improving how she works and relates with patients. She also has hopes that her advancement will allow her to begin helping our doctors in the operating theaters. Hosiana definitely wasn’t shy about her goals for her future at FAME.

“I already miss FAME,” she responded when asked if one year would feel like a long time away. However, she knows going back to school will help her in the long run, allowing her to set realistic, tangible goals. She was so appreciative of the opportunity to return to school and make her dreams achievable. When she first applied for the scholarship, she was unsure if she would be chosen or not, but she felt that FAME knew her position and how motivated she was. When she told her father she had been accepted to return to school, she said he was in complete shock and couldn’t believe the opportunity she had been given.

She ended our conversation with immense gratitude. She wanted to thank FAME’s staff; all of her coworkers, leaders, and administration. She is deeply appreciative of this opportunity and is already looking forward to her return to Karatu. Thank you to our donors who have made our Scholarship program possible and giving us the opportunity to support bright healthcare providers like Hosiana!

Kathrine Kuhlmann