Back to School - Meet Yona!

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As someone who likes to take care of people and wanted to pursue a career that allowed him to do so, Yona chose to go to college to study nursing. In Nursing School in Dar es Salaam, Yona had a few classmates who were from the Karatu district and spoke very highly of a certain hospital in the hills of Karatu called FAME hospital. We’re grateful that our reputation was so far reaching because Yona has been with us as a Nurse Assistant ever since he graduated in 2015. Currently, Yona works in the pharmacy for FAME, assisting our pharmacist with the critical task of always having medication in stock and readily available, as well as making certain patients are receiving the correct prescriptions and understand how to safely take their medicine.

When asked about his experience at FAME thus far, he says he appreciates the way the doctors have fostered a culture of service here on campus, which he’s really gotten to see in the way the doctors treat each patient and handle each case. On a more applied level, he’s been able to learn a lot about treatment for patients during his time in the pharmacy, the place he enjoys working the most. All of this led up to his decision to pursue his certification as a Pharmacy Technician at Spring Institute of Business and Sciences in Moshi.

 Having started on October 15, Yona will be attending school in Moshi to receive his certificate. He believes that this certificate is just the beginning for him, a “first step” to his future. Following his certificate, he would eventually like to continue his studies for a master’s degree, but he recognizes this as the best place to start and understands that hands-on experience back at FAME will be important to his overall professional development. His plan is to return to FAME after his certification and apply his new knowledge in our pharmacy. He believes his education will enhance his abilities and allow him to develop his skills as he employs all he has learned in Moshi.

Yona is able to attend higher education due to the generosity of FAME supporters who are helping sponsor him. He wanted to extend his appreciation to all of those who have supported his goals, as well as those who already have, and will in the future, support other FAME staff in pursuing their educational goals!

Kathrine Kuhlmann