Justine's Story

by Director of Development, Roanne Edwards


It was perfect timing for Justine. She was at church the day FAME’s social worker, Angel, began visiting churches, mosques, open markets and water collection points to announce the free-of-charge Cervical Cancer Screening clinic at FAME Medical. Justine had been experiencing lower abdominal pain and had heard about cervical cancer on social media. At FAME, the following week for the screening procedure, she learned that there was an abnormality in her cervix. She felt frightened and apprehensive but was ready to undergo the recommended treatment for pre-cancerous dysplasia. Six months later, the FAME team screened her again and returned with wonderful news – the treatment had cured her abnormality. Justine went home to share the news with her family and to encourage all the women in her life to undergo this simple procedure that could literally save their lives.


Cervical Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women in Tanzania.
—  ICO HPV Information Center 2017 Report


Susan Gustafson