A Second Source of Water


The drilling team flushing out the new pipe for our second borehole

In early May, we were able to complete the drilling of a second borehole on the FAME campus. The manual work was not easy after Tanzania experienced an uncharacteristically heavy rainy season this year. The muddy aftermath of the rains meant that the drilling team was working in difficult and challenging conditions. It took nearly two full days of drilling to hit a strong and reliable source of fresh water at 170 meters deep. According to the technicians and experts on site, the borehole should produce between 30,000 liters to 40,000 liters per hour. With both boreholes operational, we will be able to pump the water between the two sources. This solution will decrease the daily demand on the current borehole water and will provide a back-up solution in case of an emergency such as a failed pump or a drained aquifer. Overall, the drilling of this new borehole adds a vital layer of security to the FAME water supply for the entire hospital and all of our patients, and we are grateful to the very special supporters who saw the need and made this possible.

Kathrine Kuhlmann