Back to School: Hosiana Update!


When I walked past the wards after our daily morning patient report meeting, there was an unusual amount of commotion and excitement. As I poked my head in, I saw a sweet, familiar face I hadn’t seen in some time. Our nurse Hosiana was back, visiting us from Huruma School of Nursing in Moshi, and everyone was excited to hear all about her experience. She had a short break between semesters and had decided to return to FAME to briefly volunteer before visiting her family and then heading back to school. “I missed FAME, that’s why I wanted to come before going back, even if just for three days,” she told us.

With support from one of our funders, the Brethren Community Foundation, Hosiana enrolled in a year-long  program in 2018 to upgrade from Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse. She is really looking forward to second semester because she will be studying midwifery, which she’s really passionate about.  

Hosiana has been performing incredibly well in school. She received all As this semester and hasn’t had any challenges. “It wasn’t easy,” she said, “but having the support from FAME makes me study hard. I don’t have to worry [about fees], so I feel encouraged to study my best.” She’s excited for this coming semester and knows she’ll continue to make FAME proud.  

Hosiana feels very comfortable at school and has enjoyed being exposed to different environments outside of FAME. However, she still misses being with us in Karatu. As she noted during her visit to FAME, “I’m a good ambassador. I keep saying, ‘we provide the best care ever.’ We are super good.” We are all looking forward to having her back on the team in six months!

Robert Kovacs