A Day in the Life of FAME Medical: The Heartbreaks

It has been a very rough night. Home from boarding school, a 14 year old boy arrived at FAME late last night.  He was on school break, returning home to the nearby orphanage where he grew up. Dr. Gabriel called for Frank’s assistance but the child died before Frank could get there to help. This is why I don’t think I could ever be a doctor. I can only imagine how it feels when something like this happens, even when you have done everything within your power to save someone. Dr. Gabriel is such a caring and compassionate physician — so dedicated to his patients. True to form, when Frank asked if it would be o.k. for this case to be addressed at Clinical Conference on Friday, Gabriel graciously agreed. Frank and he both wanted to go over the fine details with all the Clinicians, including two visiting doctors, in case there was anything else they could have done or could do should they be faced with another case like this in the future. After reviewing the child’s history (which was sparse), labs, his critical condition upon admission and his response to everything that was done to intervene, the team concluded that he likely died from a post streptococcal glomerulonephritis complicated by either toxic shock syndrome or a pulmonary embolus and that everything that could be done here was done. Knowing that doesn’t begin to remove the sense of loss and sadness, but hopefully one day will provide some closure for those who tried to save him and those who will forever miss him. May this beautiful soul rest in peace.