A Dream Comes True

I just received the above photo from Dr. Ivan, along with this message: As you can see, today is my graduation ceremony, I'm so much happy and thank you! Thanks to Dave and Jeanie, a lovely couple from New Jersey, Dr. Ivan was able to fulfill a long-standing dream. One of 32 graduates, he received his Advanced Diploma in Clinical Medicine on August 17th. He has practiced as a Clinical Officer in Tanzania for many years and began working with us at FAME when we first opened the Outpatient Clinic in 2008.  As our patient numbers grew and cases became increasingly complex, we started trying to find a way to provide additional training for our most dedicated and talented Clinical Officers, Dr. Ivan among them. We learned about the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) in Ifakara, Tanzania, and the two year Assistant Medical Officer Training Program they offered — a program particularly well suited for Clinical Officers keen to advance to the next level of expertise and training. The AMO program represents a cadre between a three year “Clinical Officer” Diploma and first degree holders in clinical medicine. Practically speaking, AMO’s are recognized and valued almost equally with holders of a first degree in clinical medicine (doctor of medicine) in Tanzania and in many other countries in Africa. Dr. Ivan will be returning to FAME with additional knowledge and hands-on training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Congratulations Dr. Ivan. Welcome back to your FAME family!

Caroline Epe