Sharing One’s Gift to Help Others

Remember the young woman with the severe burn covering her entire upper torso? She was badly in need of skin grafting but could not afford the travel and hospital costs involved in going to the nearest city for the procedure. Well, next came a two year old…

Elibariki’s mother brought him in with a terrible burn to the head, also in need of grafting. Frank and Dr. Gabriel, put the word out to Dr. Duane about both patients, sending photos and seeking medical advice. Having already donated the machine and certain that they were both good candidates for skin grafting, he immediately jumped on an airplane and flew from Nebraska to Tanzania to help. He did the procedures the very next day, teaching and  working closely with our team throughout. He also released a burn contracture on Elibariki’s leg — a surgical procedure that will allow him the mobility every two year old deserves. Both patients are recovering well, and Mama Elibariki is rejoicing. Needless to say, the word is out that Dr. Duane is here for a short stay. Surgical requests are coming in left and right. Not surprisingly, he’s also busy in the Clinic. Just yesterday, I noticed two Maasai elders, one a patient — the other a relative. Dr. Duane was standing outside in his unassuming, quiet way. They both grabbed his hands, and began thanking him for taking the time to help them. I went home smiling. 

Caroline Epe