A New Video for FAME

Hannah Bowman and Elliot Beckley

Hannah Bowman and Elliot Beckley

By Co-Founder Susan Gustafson

Frank and I just returned from another fantastic fundraising tour in the US! We were thrilled to be able to share the new FAME video (by Hannah Bowman and Elliot Beckley) at events and gatherings along the way and now wish to share it with ALL of YOU.  

One night, about a year and a half ago, I spent several hours reading almost every word of text on FAME’s website. I was both hooked and awed — especially at the enormous progress they have made in just the last several years. Not everyone can afford to take time off and fly to Tanzania to see this organization at work though, so I wanted to help FAME share their story across the ocean. Elliot and I started a fundraising campaign through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and by hosting fundraising events to pay for our equipment and travel expenses. By November of last year, we met our goal and started on our three month journey to Karatu. We spent our time soaking in Tanzania and FAME and filming the daily lives of the staff and patients there. We knew when people SAW the landscape, the buildings, and most importantly, the PEOPLE who have created this oasis of healthcare in rural Tanzania, they would be just as awed as we were by the work FAME is doing.
— Hannah Bowman

Our heartfelt thanks to Hannah and Elliot for making this short video -- for managing to capture the essence of what FAME is accomplishing at FAME Medical in Karatu, Tanzania. We deeply appreciate their hard work, their dedication and their extraordinary gift for bringing our work home to YOU! Enjoy.

Hannah Bowman studied film at Western Kentucky University. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and began working at City Room Creative, editing web and special event videos, as well as working on White Horse Picture's most recent documentary, "A Faster Horse," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring.

Elliot Beckley studied music at Western Kentucky University and currently works in Kentucky as an Audio Engineer for First Baptist Church in Bowling Green, and for the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center.

Susan Gustafson