Continuing Education & Capacity Building

Equipping our Doctors, Nurses & Leaders


We can’t talk about our Continuing Education Program at FAME without introducing Brad Snyder, our Clinical Education Coordinator. Brad joined our team in November 2014. A Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, Brad is a healthcare provider who is also a gifted educator. Having spent four years living in Rwanda and another couple of years in Burundi, Brad comes to us with a unique perspective and understanding. He is working closely with our senior doctors, nurses and volunteer specialists to develop a variety of training modules and meaningful learning experiences for our team. Brad is committed to making sure our educational programming is meeting the most pressing needs of our healthcare workers and the patients they serve. He is also spearheading a process that involves FAME’s clinical team leaders and specialist volunteers working together to create up-to-date, evidence-based protocols focused on the top 10 most common illnesses seen at FAME.

Trainings & Lectures so far this year:
Respiratory Infections
Helping Babies Breather (HBB)
Prenatal Care & Shoulder Dystocia
Management 101
Pylonephritis, PID, Prostatitis
Hypertension & Pregnancy
Advanced OB Nurse Training
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)
Structured Operative Obstetrics (SOO)
Induction & Augmentation of Labor
GI: Endoscopy Training
Liver Function Tests
Common GI Complaints
Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring
Supply Chain Management Systems
Pediatric Shock
Constrictive Pericarditis
Pediatric Dehydration/Rehydration
Pre/Post Op Consideration for C-section
Diagnosis & Treatment of Abdominal Complaints

Caroline Epe